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WordPress guideline - For beginners

WordPress Guideline For Beginners

First of all, what is WordPress?

WordPress Guideline For Beginners. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System). Simply put, the website’s content management system. Content is the content of the website. Images, text, and all the information you have seen on a website are the content. To manage these are Content Management WordPress is such a content management system. Not only this, WordPress is the world’s number one CMS. The popularity of the website is at its peak. If you learn, you will be able to get your confidence and strength. Now understand how important this flame is.

Why do we learn

If you want to build an online career, then why not work in any sector, if you have your WordPress flame it’s a huge plus point for you. Moreover, if you want to create a website, then there is no alternative to learning WordPress in the current market. And if you want to develop a career in web development then learning English is a must for you. If you want to create a simple website with a hobby, you can still learn WordPress. This does not require you to learn a lot of hard coding. There are thousands of themes available in Redeem which allows you to create and maintain a website.

Suitable for whom

Those who want to make a curiosity, looking at any website, they are doing well in this sector. I have always been saying that everybody needs the interest to do the job. But those who are interested in computer coding can do the same. Programming in WordPress theme development. Those who do not like to see the code, they are not good at this sector.

What is the market demand?

Currently, most of the demand is WordPress. There is no doubt about it. Most of the websites created every day in the world are made only with WordPress. So I do not think there is a need to describe it separately.

How is the likelihood of income

According to the International Standard, you can earn up to $ 200 to $ 2000 by creating a website of average quality. But in most cases, it is between $ 500-500. You will take a maximum of 3 days to finish the work of a website of average quality. It can be said that if you know WordPress, you only earn 3 dollars a month, earning $ 600 or $ 50,000 is not a very difficult one. It’s good to know that I just spoke about average. However, a good quality WordPress expert earns an average of $ 2,000 per month. Besides, sometimes you can work on resolving the problem, which may take you only 15 minutes, but your income will be 30-100 dollars. This is a very interesting thing. But the matter is that you have to be an expert.

So let’s learn what to do if you want to learn

You have to first learn HTML and CSS well. I repeat, learn HTML and CSS before. After that, you come to learn WordPress.

Remember that WordPress is under web development and HTML and CSS is under web designing. Well, after that you will need basic PHP skills. PHP is another very popular and powerful word programming language. In many cases, many new students fall in a lot of trouble learning PHP. So you do not need to know core PHP. Know your basic Syntex. And when you’re advanced, you need to learn a more language that is Javascript. It’s a fun way to find a language. The last thing is that you have to learn HTML, CSS, PHP. It is also possible to work with PHP Basic Knowledge. When you are advanced, you must learn Javascript, Jquery, Ajax, these languages. When you are an expert to work, you will be able to enjoy all the languages. And yes. You must take good proficiency in English. Because of all you have to do in English. But if it is not very good, but if you are precise, English gradually comes to the surface. English is not so difficult.

Let’s learn how to learn this time

First, you need to know the general function of WordPress. That is how WordPress works. There is no coding problem in this case.

Now you know that the theme of a WordPress theme is the most important part. That is, one theme basically depends on how your website will look and what functions your website will have. And all the information will be dynamic. That means, you can easily edit all the content you want from the Dashboard

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