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How To Work If You Want To Learn Programming

How to work if you want to learn to programmer

How to work if you want to learn to programmer Every day in the professional life you have to solve new problems. Therefore, the dependency must be reduced to zero, the maximum use of the brain. The novice type cannot be asked such as “Where can I find a book like this in the Wrox publication?” What is Nilkhet paddy?

Should be lying in the box. Only then will you learn the task. Think of this Google and StackOverflow, people are making billions of dollars by searching, and why I can’t find a little book by searching. If you break a tooth to eat, how to eat bread ??

2. You do not have to read the tutorial or book by the project:

programmer need to start any project and after doing this you will have to find out the problems you have to find, now you can see the book for the problem. Learn about new problems that no one has ever had on earth. So you have to search and find out. You can’t get on the highway to learn to programme unless you have the ability to solve problems by searching.

3. How to ask questions in the forum:

The rule is that in case of any problem you should make every effort to solve it. After a few hours of searching, doing R&D will certainly solve. If not then go to the forum, StackOverflow etc and ask questions.

Our problem is that without any R&D, I go straight to the StackOverflow and ask the Exporters to understand that he did not try. The diameter gives the minus immediately, so don’t be frustrated and ask questions. If R&D is not resolved then go to StackOverflow and ask questions, Experts will put a hint of upvote on your question.

4. Project Idea:

The programmer can do User management system can. The user will register the login. Will upload your own picture. All users in the backend can manage the admin. One user can add another as a friend, etc. They can do a project with functionality.

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