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There are many ways to earn online.

There are many ways to earn online. Today, our discussion is about how you will become a skilled freelancer. There are many good freelancers in Bangladesh now. Bangladesh is a popular name in the freelancing marketplace.

1 Job Category Rating:

Freelancing career will be the first step to design or do programming, whether it will be marketing or not. Imagine that you are cold, you are good about any matter. Or, designing, programming, marketing, etc., all the things on the Internet, do a few days. Imagine what you like most. Then choose your job category.

Be patient, learn to work, success will come soon. And income is in all categories, so do not change the category by seeing any other income.

2 Attention

Here’s the first thing to do. So learn to work on time carefully. Learn an hour’s work, practice for 5 hours. That is to say, work on the subject of the work you will work on. You have to compete with big exporters after coming down to the marketplace. To compete in the field by creating competitive skills.

3 Portfolios:

Once you’ve learned to work, you need a nice portfolio. Why do not you work in the sector, you need portfolios. Project at least 20 tests from your creative mind. Display them on your portfolio site. It will show the client the next time you apply for the job. Remember, the better the performance of the portfolio, the more likely the job will be. And update the portfolio regularly. Whenever you finish a project, add it to your portfolio.

And when you start working, then the feedback from clients will be displayed on your portfolio site.

4 Create a profile

After crossing the top steps, make a marketplace account. Give a nice picture, write an overview with your specialty beautifully, add a lot of portfolios, and give some best skill tests on your type of job. It became a beautiful profile. Regularly update the portfolio as needed.

5 Job application

Now the time has come to start the job. Appoint 100% Confidential Candidates in the jobs you choose.

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