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become a successful freelancer

The way to become a successful freelancer

The way to become a successful freelancer. At present, one of the most discussed topics in the youth of our country is freelancing. Although this is still new in our country, many people have already been able to completely change their destiny through freelancing. At the end of the study or after learning, freelancing can be your future career.

Freelancing is a huge market of multi billion dollars. The developed countries have outsourced to reduce the value of work. Our neighboring country India and Pakistan have used that opportunity very well. If we can apply a fraction of the huge market of freelancing, it could be the hard tool to strengthen our economy.

Freelancing is the freedom to work independently outside traditional service. With the help of internet you can now easily become a freelancer. Here, on the one hand, whenever there is a desire to work, freedom to choose different types of work. From online earnings, online freelancing has an incredible possibility.

There are new tasks every moment here. You can successfully create yourself as a freelancer in one or more of the many areas of programming, graphics design, website, games, 3D animation, project management, software bug testing, data entry. But in the beginning you have to prepare yourself for a little bit of a sense of humor and a few things. This report is designed so that you can express yourself successfully as a new freelancer.

There are many popular websites on the Internet that provide freelancing services called Freelance Marketplace. You can start by registering them in any one of these. Those websites who submit jobs are called Buyer or Client and those who complete these tasks are called Freelancer or Service Provider.

Many freelancers bid or apply for a job and mention how much money they can get done. From among them the client can choose whom he wishes. Freelancer’s comments usually play an important role in the selection of freelancers during the previous work experience, amount and bid. After selecting the freelancer, the client deposits the entire amount of work on those sites. After completion of the work, there is a guarantee of money immediately. Freelancers have to pay a specific portion of the work for the whole service as a fee or commission. This amount is different from websites and services (10% to 20%). Here are some popular freelancing websites:Freelancer A Marketplace is a good place for freelancing. Many Bangladeshi freelancers have been working here successfully for a long time. This marketplace also introduces as part of their expansion in Bangladesh. Apart from filing here, you can earn money even after participating in various concerts. Many Bangladeshi freelancers have already won prizes in good contests in different contests.

Appointments is a popular marketplace for freelancing. This freelance marketplace launched in 2003 was known as Odesk In 2005, another one was associated with the popular freelancing marketplace Elance, which included the name of the work. Here a freelancer can be at a fixed price or hour. The client can appoint you for a complete project or for a specific time (for a few weeks or a few months). At the time of registration you have to specify the value of your work per hour.

At the end of the work you will be paid the same amount the amount you worked on the client. To set your time spent on working time, you have to turn on a software that will send screenshots of your desktop and other information to the client at a specific time. As a result, the client can easily determine whether you are working at that time. But like many other sites, there are many jobs available where a specific amount of money is paid for the entire project. 10% of the work on this site is to be paid as commission. Since most of the work is provided as hours, it is possible to earn a lot more revenue from this site compared to other sites.

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