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Liver cancer Health Tips

Liver cancer Health Tips

Liver cancer

Liver key: Liver is an important part of the human body. In Bengal whom we call laziness. The position of the liver is on the right side of the stomach. Its weight is about one and a half kilograms. The liver helps in all types of food metabolism. The food that we take every day is supplied to other parts of the body through the liver.

HbS AG is a positive liver problem

Case History-1 Shahjahan educated unemployed youth Cousin Mohiuddin has been serving in Saudi Arabia for 10 years. In collaboration with Mohiuddin, he has deposited 70 thousand takas for Saudi Arabia. HBs Ag was diagnosed with a blood test for health checks for visas. What is this new disease? Shahjahan becomes desperate to negate HBS. She is doing the same as blood tests, Kaviraj’s medicine, water reading, amazement and charm, Amar Rus, what she says. But no, HBS AG is not decreasing. This 26-year-old young man was frustrated. He fell into depression with a loan of 70 thousand TK. Do not understand what to do.

Liver disease as usual

The largest part of the body of the liver it’s also very important in terms of size, bigger, and also important. The healthy liver needs to keep the body healthy. Sick or diseased liver brings in our life, sorrow, hardship, even premature departure. Like any other machine or machine, our body can also be powered by energy. This energy comes from food. Direct energy cannot be generated from the food we eat. Complicated foods are stored in the liver and they are stored for energy generation and produce the energy needed to reach the cells in the required body cells. So the liver is called the body of the powerhouse. Not only that, many malicious substances produced in the body purify the liver and later arrange it to be removed from the body. If any poisonous substances enter the body unwanted or deliberately, the liver releases it poisoned. Different types of protein form a substance that is essential for the body.

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