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How to get the best logo for business?

Business logos represent the character and identity of a corporate. Not representing your business with a logo can damage your business, and act as an obstacle to the success your organization could achieve had it been supported by a customized logo. A well-crafted business logo design is essential to give integrity and visibility to your business. What are the characteristics of a good logo? Five basic charactertics, i.e. simplicity, memorable, versatility, appropriateness, and timelessness, can very well define what a logo should be. Simplicity goes very well in making the logo catchy and incredibly memorable.

Trends should be left only for the fashion industry. A logo should be ageless and should stand strong in the ever changing market. One such timeless logo is that of Coca-cola. Over the years, Pepsi has changed its logo nearly 11 times, while coca-cola still has the same logo. The versatility of a logo can be judged by how well it works across various mediums. A logo should be applicable to all sizes of packaging and advertising. Last but not the least, a logo acquires its appropriateness from the quality of what it symbolizes.

These success key characteristics are statistically proven, as: • 95% of logos of the world’s best brands is made up of only one or two colors • About 41% of brands use logotype/stylized type of logos in which just their name is written along with some small symbolic image. This is common for the brands which have unique names. • 93% brand logos are versatile enough to be recognized in small sizes as well. Options for getting a good logo: Price of obtaining a business logo design also plays a very important role in choosing the source of the graphics, design and ideas. • The first option is to higher professional graphic designers.

This is most advisable for new ventures. The most beneficial aspect of having professionals working on your logo is that they have the required expertise and knowledge of the field. They’ll ensure that your logo designs are authentic, creative, and fundamentally based on research about the nature of your business. Copyrights, satisfaction, and professionalism can be expected from professional designers. However, on a downside, customized logos are expensive and the process is time consuming. • For cheaper logo making options, one can search for websites that offer logo designs at low cost or for free. Today, more than thousands of websites are listed that provide with a variety of pre-designed logos and templates.

This empowers the owners to select from a huge range, based on the suitability of the logo. Online logo editing tools are also available these days. However, adverse aspect of this option would be is the lack of originality and ‘wow’ factor, poor quality and copyright issues. To get the best logo for your business, one needs to scrutinize the logo profoundly. The logo should be compared to the logo of contemporary companies. The logo must symbolize the business’ core philosophy and create a sense of reliability and trustworthiness.

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