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Need company logo


I prefer to work with fixed rate before we start. The company name is:
Kerotech LLC

I want a logo with the company name (Kerotech) inside like a home style. The word LLC may be on the top right side in small size.
Underneath the logo we want to write:
Engineering and Inspection
Have a look on this website & logo:

Let me know if have any more questions

Start Date - 2018-06-10 Cost $15.00 Progress Compteted





Start Date - 2018-06-02 Cost $0.00 Progress Compteted

logo design


Logo name: CrossBow Miles!

You will get details about business from website.

I want a simple symbol which has a connected to Women Empowerment!


Attachment indicates the color pattern. Must follow the color when design logo.


Description: C:\Users\SunandaRoy\Desktop\crossbow logo\IMG_2595.jpeg




Start Date - 2018-05-21 Cost $15.00 Progress Compteted

Logo Design For Online Market


I want to design a logo for my online market the company name cdmbmarket

Start Date - 2018-05-04 Cost $50.00 Progress Compteted

stylish Logo Design


We need Logo designs for our brand identity. The company is KissUp Industries Inc. We are a fashion and creative arts company empowering women of all ages to be more industrious. We have a fashion line of unique handbags, make-up, and jewelry.

We will need the KissUp Industries logo and its template. The logo should read as KissUp Industries Inc. The template will be used to make embroidered patches for a group of models called "Kiss-Ups". The models are hosts for a show centered around building our company.

Each model is ranked as KissUp 1, KissUp 2, and so forth. Their ranking will be reflected by their embroidered patch on their clothes. KissUp 1 will have K1, KissUp 2 will have K2. So I want you to design a letter K, that may or may not be the same style as the K in the “KissUp Industries Inc.” logo as well as do your version of numbers 0 through 9.

We would also like your take on some classic symbols (peace sign, heart, and smiley face.)

The final design should communicate as Industrious; Vintage. Please refer to these images for reference, as well as our website

To summarize, we would like the following from you:

KissUp Industries Inc.

A stylized letter “K” (It can be the same letter K that you use for “KissUp Industries”

Stylized Numbers 0 - 9

Peace Sign

A Heart

Smiley Face

Start Date - 2018-04-10 Cost $20.00 Progress Compteted

I need a App logo for my softwer


I need an expert to create an official logo for my web application.
I want a logo that will fit the template perfectly and can be used everywhere in every documents as official logo.

I want to build logo for that website, It is for school management software ,  The icon showing there is 36 by 36 pixels

Logo name is"scadware"

Start Date - 2018-04-05 Cost $8.00 Progress Compteted

Logo design


Company's name is "Glam Details"

Colors are white gold and pink Feelings are inspiration, beauty, fabulous etc. Could I get 3 to 4 designs

samples given in skype . pls check there.

Start Date - 2018-03-22 Cost $15.00 Progress Compteted

Logo design for


Website :


pls check top left corner of site and i need a logo

at moment i have place holder

I need like it to be like "Fino Valley" and then "Winery and Vineyard" Underneath

Logo name : "Fino Valley" or "Fino Valley Wines"

tagline "Winery and Vineyard"

and optional "New Zealand"

color could be matching  with website or up on you.  Need both creative image and text logo so that best fitting with company business type.

Let me know if have any more questions.

Start Date - 2018-03-14 Cost $17.00 Progress Compteted

Online Car Reservation website logo


We need logo for "" it's a Online Car Reservation website.

Start Date - 2018-02-25 Cost $10.00 Progress Compteted

Business Card Design


Please note: I have lost the vector  for the existing logo. I dont have a higher quality file for the same logo. And I`m not planning at the moment to change the logo. It will be useful if you are able to enhance it.

Once hired please message  so I can provide you by my email  , to be able to discuss and exchange files over Google Hangouts.

I don`t need anything revolutionary or fancy, just good quality work to be done quickly. And awesome  5 stars client feedback guaranteed.
I believe it will not take much time from you.

Please review attached :

  • Project Stage: Concept
  • Final Output: Print
  • One-time Project: Design Business Cards
  • Project Type: One-time project

- Content/details  file

- Logo file

Start Date - 2018-02-06 Cost $15.00 Progress Compteted