Logo Design Company  In details answer of your questions

Logo Design Company  Answer of your questions

When my work will be started by your Team created?

Your work will be started the instant we will receive your filled order form online along with the payment done. Prior to designing we will contact you to clear the ambiguities in the design specifications.

From which platform will I be able to see my Logo designed for me?

You will get regular notification on your email about your designing progress.

In how many days, I will get my Logo designs for approval?

The days in which your design will be given to you are clearly mentioned in packages that we are offering at our website.

How many revisions are allowed for the Logo designs? Is there any limit specified?

There are unlimited revisions offered by us till you like and finalize your design (one of the relaxation that no other Logo design company offers).

Can I give my input for Logo designs?

Yes, in our order form, we have specifically designed a section for you to give your specifications and any kind of input you want to give for Logo designs. But as mentioned in Policy webpage of our website, the design given by you for your Logo design will be your responsibility and any trade mark violation will be handled by you in such cases.

Is background design included in Logo Design?

No, background design is something different than Logo design and we have not included it anywhere in our packages.

Are all the rights related to my Logo designs will be possessed by my company?

Yes, visit our page of policy design for such questions.

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If there is a difference in the color of the Logo while printing, then how will it be corrected?

Will your printer get the right color of the Logo Design or not? This is not our responsibility. This is entirely your responsibility to check.

Color scheme of my Logo design will look similar in all screens?

That’s not at all possible. As color settings and color machines used in every model of monitors are different from each other. If the model and settings of two monitors is same then they may show same color. But in other cases, it’s not possible at all.

What kind of people you have for designing our Logos?

We have 5 highly competent and design specialist for designing your company Logo and you don’t need to worry about that at all.

How may I pay you?

There is only one payment mode on Logodee that is PayPal payment system.

Can I negotiate about the price structure of any of the packages?

No, prices that we have set for our packages are quite flexible and fixed. So, there is no place for further discounts.

Can I pay in installments?

No, you have to pay the full amount.

How long will the total project of Logo design take including revisions (approximately)?

Depends upon the number of revisions you demand from us. As we provide high level designs and clients get satisfied soon with our offerings then the longest deal so far has taken only 2 to 2.5 weeks.