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Dr. Abdullah important advice to live from stigma, silent killer disease.

Dr. Abdullah important advice to live from stigma, silent killer disease.

Osteoporosis is a known disease of the present period. Many people suffer from this disease. Especially older people suffer from this problem. Stomach disease is a silent killer. Bone Disease Reduces the bone density of the human body and makes the bones weak and fragile. Normal walking, increasing the feeling of pain in the body always increases the risk of death by causing disruption to work. Bone structure is an ongoing process. Before the age of 40, the bone growth is high and corrosion is less. Since then the bone loss is high, the growth is low.

Depression depends on the presence of calcium, phosphate, and collagen fiber in the age of 15 to 25 years with bone density. Therefore, calcium, phosphate, collagen, with the help of a healthy bone density at an early age, helps in the prevention of osteoporosis or stomach disease at an early age. The risk of fracture, which is more commonly related to Menopause, is the risk of fracture after menopause, who do not exercise regularly, whose height is low, those who do not consume regular calcium and Vitamin D, smokers and drinkers, estrogen, testosterone hormone levels decrease,

Increasing thyroid and parathyroid hormone levels lead to increased bone tendency. The risk of family history of this disease is high. Side effects of various medicines, diabetes, liver, kidney disease increase the risk of bone loss.

Remedies are better than preventing osteoporosis or stomach disease. Take regular exercise, regular exercise increases bone strength. It keeps Joints active by increasing the blood circulation of the bones. Calming the body balance reduces the stomach. Abdullaullah will consume calcium and vitamin D in regular quantities, the main components of the bone are calcium, vitamin D Eat fish, meat, eggs, milk, and dairy foods regularly for calcium. 90 percent of vitamin D is the source of sunlight.


So stay in the sunlight for 15 to 30 minutes daily, as well as eat marine fish. The bones are good in it. Quit smoking and drinking that excludes things. Because it increases bone loss. Keep control of diabetes, liver, kidney disease. Remove the lubrication in the bathroom to prevent broken bones. Keep warm light at home in the night. Do not move in the dark. Do not carry excess weight. If there is any problem then consult a specialist doctor according to the advice, be good. Consultant: Dean, Faculty of Medicine, Professor of Medicine, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University

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